Association of 
Public Value Achievers

Based in Melbourne, APVA is an alliance of professional people achieving high quality and broad reaching public value outcomes across Australia.

Members include policy makers, public affairs specialists, design thinkers, thought leaders and any other type of public value achiever.

Members meet quarterly to network and share insights, test ideas, discuss innovation and celebrate excellence in public value achievement.

APVA welcomes members of all political parties but is not affiliated with any, APVA is not a forum for political advancement. Our members influence the public policy agenda and our meetings are professional, productive and convivial. 

Membership is via invitation only, however expressions of interest outlining suitably can be submitted below.
  1. Public value
    Public value is the benefit organisations deliver through programs, services, strategic priorities and public facing policy directions. Public value is created by organisations from the public and private sectors across a wide variety of industries. Public value is difficult to measure, but easy to identify.
  2. APVA members
    APVA members are high achievers of public value. APVA members work in the public sector, private practice, professional services, as well as non-government organisations and the community sector. APVA members are suitably qualified in a range of public value related disciplines and experts in public policy.
  3. APVA in practice
    APVA meetings take place quarterly in the Melbourne CBD for members and invited guests. All APVA members are active contributors at each meeting. APVA will review expressions of interest for membership at every second meeting.
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